Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Welcome to "Yo, Sir! Hey, Miss!", a site that aims to unite individuals lost in the battlefield of occasional teaching in Canadian schools. Here is a place where you can share resources; learn about new issues pertaining to the teaching profession; voice your opinion about educational topics; share lesson plan and unit ideas; and, most important of all, connect with other occasional teachers from around the country and learn what they are doing to achieve success in the teaching profession. Here is a community for the lonely, nameless occasional teacher, who floats from school to school, never really becoming one of the team, erupting with ideas and driven to fulfill their pedagogical vision. Teach on, brothers and sisters!

As this site grows, both in content and population, there will be a number of changes to help you more easily access the ideas and resources shared. Ultimately, it will become a storehouse of go-to lesson/unit plans and classroom management techniques, a well-established list of critically reviewed resources, and a forum for intellectual discussion of educational issues. All teachers, even the seasoned, comfortably contracted ones, are welcome to share their ideas and success stories. What did you do, or what are you doing, to make your presence known in your school community? And what have been your most important and revealing educational experiences? I hope you feel free to share your thoughts, it will no doubt go a long way.

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